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Our club is in crisis. Will it still be around next season?

September 10, 2019 10:19 AM | Mitch Hall (Administrator)

From Club President Mike Morten:

Our club is in crisis!

I'm sorry to be dramatic but we really do have a problem. There are only a few short weeks until the fall BBQ and the executive committee elections. One individual has come forward to run for one of the two open positions and this poses a problem. 

While our club doesn't have that many 'moving parts’, it doesn't run itself. There are administrative tasks that need to be handled in the off season, then there's the management of all activities in season, plus there's planning for the future if there's time. Now when I say management of all activities, this doesn't mean do all activities. We all have day jobs and we joined a social riding club to socialize and ride.

Those who volunteer for the executive committee are not expected to fall on their swords and spend morning noon and night on club business, but bills need to be paid, forms need to be printed and email inquiries handled in the off season. During the season the prime objective is ensuring all rides are conducted safely and everything runs smoothly. There's a big difference between managing and doing.

This is my fourth year volunteering on the committee and when I tally all the time I spend on average 1 hour weekly looking after club business throughout the calendar year. Because Ann looks after all things money and membership, she might spend more time weekly but Margaret’s estimate is similar to mine. Now I think about the club all the time, but during the winter that's only because I'm pining for the spring. Without the executive committee - all three positions - the club cannot operate efficiently; actually it cannot operate at all.

Aside from the admin, in order to keep up with members' expectations of our club, fresh views and ideas need to be flushed out and if warranted, executed. As a club we do a lot of things well but there are areas that could use improvement or tweaking. Having a pool of people willing to volunteer and help make the club a better organization for all of us ensures the club will be a going concern for years to come.

As it outlines in our constitution, there are no specific term expectations for each position but there can be no more than three years between elections for any one of the positions. Although not optimum, you could volunteer for a year and see how things tickle your fancy. You could enjoy it so much you stay on for three years but the point is we need people to volunteer. In a club with consistently over 300 members annually it shouldn't be difficult to find people willing to participate at this level. Please give it some thought and if you want to see the club continue as a going concern, please come forward. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Margaret, Ann or me. You can also speak to Bill Dainty, Leigh Booth, Mitch Hall, Don Wilson or John Island. They have all been on the executive committee at some point over the last 20 years.

If nobody else comes forward, there is no alternative plan. The only alternative might have to be beginning the process of winding down the club. This is not drama, it's just a fact.


Mike Morten

More info on the election and executive responsibilities.

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