One of the largest cycling clubs in Ontario serving Brampton Erin Orangeville and Bolton.

Mountain Bike Rides

Weekly rides begin in late April and end in late September. Rides are about two hours long with five to 10 riders per level.

Monday: Levels 1 through 6. Departs 6:30 pm.
Albion Hills Conservation Area. Elmview parking lot.

Wednesday: Levels 2 through 6 - unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Departs 6:30 pm.
See the calendar for the ride location as they change week-to-week. 


Inglewood : Meet at Inglewood Community Centre on McLaughlin Road north of Olde Base Line. Map

Albion Hills Conservation Area : On Hwy 50 eight km north of Bolton. Pay admission or get a yearly pass from the Caledon Hills Cycling (discounted for club members). Meet in the Elmview parking lot. Map

Palgrave : Just north of Albion Hills. Meet off Duffy's Lane north of Patterson Side Road. Map

Erin : Meet in the parking lot on Ross St. beside the rail trail - just on the north edge of town. Map

What to bring

You must have an approved bicycle helmet, water, extra inner tube/patch kit and basic bicycle tools. Bike lights are also mandatory for all rides returning after dusk.

Ride Levels

The club rides are split into six different levels according to rider ability. Each level includes a senior rider who leads the group, and a ride sweeper who follows the group and ensures no one gets lost. Our Ride Coordinator will help you decide which level to start in and will introduce you to the ride leader. After a 15-minute ride, the group will stop so everyone can catch up before starting the next section. Each ride lasts about two hours and there are five to 10 riders per level.

With all due respect, if you are an accomplished road rider used to gruelling long rides at a good pace, mountain biking is very different - more akin to interval training. Please be prepared and select your level accordingly. There is no shame at starting to ride with us at say level two and moving up. We want everyone to enjoy the ride so don't bite off more than you can chew. 

Level One: As a general rule, new riders should start in Level One and move up to the higher levels as their skills improve. If you want to ride in higher levels, an existing club member must sponsor you in order to join that level. Monday night rides in Albion Hills.

Level Two: This level offers a slightly faster pace for the experienced rider and the trails will include some minor hill climbing and single-track riding through forests. You will be expected to catch up with the group without them waiting for more than three to four minutes. The difficulty will be moderate with technical trails kept to a minimum at the beginning of the season. This is a social and friendly ride for all ages. 15+ km. Monday night rides in Albion Hills.

Level Three: This level involves more technical riding - rocks, roots, hills - and the pace will increase too. The competitiveness has now started to come out. This group is still very social and everyone is out for a good time, but it is a more demanding ride. Riders should be comfortable riding over rocky areas and clearing obstacles less than six inches high. Wait time is about three minutes maximum. 20 to 30 km through single-track trails. Monday and Wednesday night rides.

Level Four: The pace and technical levels have increased and although it is still social, you will hear the patter of little feet impatiently tapping the ground if you are holding up the group too long. Level Four riders will not wait for more than 30 seconds for you to catch up. At this level you should be able to ride up/down/over just about anything. All Level Four riders spend some time in Level Three before joining this group.

Level Five: This is a fast technical ride and there is minimal stopping and waiting. If you do not belong in this group and are too slow getting to the waiting point, there is a good likelihood that the group will not be waiting for you. Be sure that you can keep up before you start or know where the Level Fours are going to go for their ride.

Level Six: This is the last of the levels and only a select few are able to fit in. Depending upon who is leading this group, the ride is relatively unsociable, very technical and very fast with no regard for the others in the group. Be prepared to have to find your own way back to the beginning of the ride if you fall behind. If you have a breakdown or injury, you will most likely be on your own. BE PREPARED.

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